Workplace Conflict Resolution, Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Prevention Training

Amelia offers three types of conflict resolution training: one-hour workshop, three-hour training and customised training for your organisation.

All training modules include the most up-to-date content, training techniques that allow maximum engagements and assessments. 

  1. free one-hour introductory workshop. This training includes one or two main concepts and some practical exercises.
  2. Three-hour highly interactive training packed with the latest concepts in training and conflict resolution, roles plays, simulated workplace scenarios, quizzes, questionnaires and supported by assessments.
  3. Customised training for your organisation. Amelia can design and deliver training and assessments contextualised for your organisation.  

How to Deal with Difficult People

  • Identify six types of difficult people
  • Understand the rationale behind “difficult”
  • Learn how to control your emotions
  • Understand how to separate the problem from the person, and thoughts from feelings
  • Learn five mediator’s techniques for dealing with all types of difficult people
  • Make dealing with difficult people effortless

Start and Manage Difficult Conversations

  • Preparation and planning for a difficult conversation
  • Learn how to find common ground
  • Learn how to deal with negative emotions, power imbalances and lack of trust
  • Learn techniques for asking the right questions
  • Learn when to change the conversation to be future-focused
  • Avoid most common mistakes when starting difficult conversations

How to be a Better Negotiator

  • Negotiation planning and preparation
  • Tips on how to build your negotiation confidence
  • Learn negotiation tactics to increase your bargaining power
  • Avoid three biggest negotiation mistakes
  • Learn how to make a win/win offers focusing on interests instead of positions

Basic Conflict Management Skills

  • Learn about the roots of conflict
  • Learn how to identify six types of conflict individuals
  • Learn how to deal with the most difficult type of conflict individuals – High Conflict individuals
  • Understand your own conflict management approach that you are comfortable with
  • Learn five powerful Mediator’s techniques used for dispute resolution