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Mediator's Role

Mediator is a third-party faciliator who helps you to find resolution to your dispute. Mediator is completely imparcial and unbiased when dealing with conflict.

When choosing the right mediator for your dispute, you need to make sure it will be a mediator you can trust who has experience, training and accreditation.

Amelia Priest lives up to the stringent regulations of the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS). This means she has gone through rigorous training, assessment, and application to help serve you better. You can find her on Mediation Standards Board Register.

You can trust that she will help you facilitate a discussion between each party so we can come up with the most workable solutions together.

It's not mediator's job to...

  • Criticise
  • Make judgements
  • Take sides
  • Give advice
  • Make decisions
  • Consider evidence
  • Make any findings of fact

It's mediator's job to...

It is our job to ask you challenging questions during our private sessions to help you with reality testing and delve into “what if” scenarios. Here’s where our expertise in specific areas will really benefit you.

As a professional mediators, we’ll help you find solutions that work for you and everyone involved while making sure that the needs and interests of all parties are addressed.

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