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Amelia is a Nationally Accredited Mediator specialising in business, commercial and personal disputes. She has over twenty years of business experience in starting, running or helping businesses across a wide variety of industries – such as start-ups, fast-moving consumer goods, wholesale, distribution, online retail, importing, exporting, services, franchising, IT, education, and manufacturing. During her business career, she has negotiated or mediated hundreds of cases. She has also been involved in many contract preparations.

In addition to mediation services, Amelia offers a variety of conflict prevention training – such as how to deal with difficult people, how to start and manage difficult conversations, how to be a better negotiator and basic conflict management skills.

Her passion is to assist people in preventing & resolving conflicts, and finding solutions to move forward.

Amelia is also a judge for the B&T Media Awards, a judge for the UNSW student mediation competition, a speaker at the Online Retailer and OMNI Retailer Conferences, an original Advisory Board Member for the Naturally Good Expo, and an invited participant at the Innovation Roundtable (organised by Intuit, the US Embassy and the CSIRO).

Education and Professional Memberhsips

  • Master of Laws in Dispute Resolution (pursuing)
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Nationally Accredited Mediator Training Program
  • Nationally Accredited Mediation Assessment (NMAS)
  • Resolution Institute Professional Membership
  • Jay Abraham’s Small Group Training in Business Strategy
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (pursuing)


  • Co-mediation. Co-mediation means that two or more mediators conduct the mediation process. Depending on your type of dispute, Amelia may recommend co-mediation to increase your chances of a successful outcome. Co-mediation is useful in multi-cultural, complex, multi-party or specialised disputes when co-mediators can complement each other with specific skills or experience. 
  • Confidentiality. Your privacy is always respected, and your communication is always privileged. All parties, including mediator and co-mediators, will sign a confidentiality agreement before mediation process starts. 
  • Transformational and Solution-Focused Approach. Amelia uses a transformational and solution-focused approach, but that does not imply that she will ignore the root of the conflict. She will help you and other parties to find the issues and explore them as much as possible, to then work on the solutions. 
  • Flexibility. It can be challenging to have all parties in the same room at the same time, so Amelia will work with you to find the most effective solution that works. For examppe, she can conduct mediation via video conferencing, or work after hours or on the weekends. You can also choose mediation method and we can modify mediation process to suit your needs. Amelia is dedicated to finding the best solution for your unique situation.

Conflict Resolution Practice areas

Business Disputes

Assistance in resolving conflicts between partners, directors, managers or shareholders; investors and entrepreneurs; suppliers; customers; manufacturers and distributors; franchisors and franchisees; contractors or subcontractors; and banks and financial institutions.

Commercial Disputes

Assistance in resolving conflicts related to contract breaches and terminations; purchase and sale of a business; trade practices; franchising; product liability; bankruptcy, administration and insolvency; debt recovery; property leases and purchases; copyright, trademarks and IP

Personal Disputes

Assistance in resolving conflicts between family members; neighbourhood and community; landlord or tenant; privacy; colleagues or management; discrimination, racism, LGBT rights; defamation; aged care; wills, trusts or estates; debt recovery

Conflict Prevention Training

  • How to Deal with Difficult People
  • Start and Manage Difficult Conversations
  • How to be a Better Negotiator
  • Basic Conflict Management Skills


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